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Jan 28 2016

15 Activities for Your Winter Bucket List

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January 28, 2016

The temperatures are feeling more spring-like than winter-like this week and we’re not complaining! We still have over a month of winter left so we’ve put together a winter bucket list for you! How many items on this list can you already cross off and how many do you plan to cross off before spring?

1. Go ice skating
2. Build a snowman
3. Go skiing
4. Photograph the snow
5. Go sledding
6. Drink hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
7. Light a fire or sit by one with a good book
8. Have a snowball fight
9. Make a crock pot soup
10. See a movie
11. Bake cookies (from scratch)
12. Make snow angels
13. Host or attend a Super Bowl party
14. Learn to...

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Jan 19 2016

10 Steps to Take to Prepare for a Winter Storm

By Princeton Properties | Multifamily, Apartment Living, Health, Environmental, Lifestyle, | (0) Comments

January 19, 2016

It looks like we have a winter storm heading our way this upcoming weekend! Whenever the forecast calls for snow, it seems people rush to the grocery store to stock up on bread, milk and bottled water. Keep reading to see what we recommend you do to prepare for our first big winter storm.

1. Check heating system to make sure that it is working.

2. Check batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

3. Have plenty of drinking water on hand.

4. Make sure you know how to turn water off in the event pipes freeze.

5. Charge your cell phone so the battery is full. Especially if you don't have a landline.

6. Have salt, sand and a shovel on hand.

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Jan 13 2016

10 Indoor Activities to Get You Through the Winter

By Princeton Properties | Apartment Living, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Community, | (0) Comments

January 13, 2016

When the temperatures get low it's hard to get motivated to brave the cold to spend your spare time. Rather than bundling up to shop or go out to dinner or the movies, try some of these activities this winter!

1. Host a game night at home.

2. Have friends over and setup a hot chocolate bar.

3. Have a Netflix or movie marathon (complete with a cozy blanket and slippers.)

4. Read that book you haven't had the time to pick up.

5. Host an at home wine tasting.

6. Try some of those Pinterest craft projects you've pinned

7. While you're at it, try cooking some of those recipes too.

8. Have lots of photographs on your phone? Use a printing app...

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Jan 05 2016

5 Ways to Start the New Year off Fresh

By Princeton Properties | Apartment Living, Health, Lifestyle, Community, | (0) Comments

January 5, 2016

2016 is here and it's a clean slate! Don't fill it up with any of the clutter from 2015 by following these steps. You'll be off to a new, fresh year in no time.

1. Take down and organize your holiday decorations in a timely fashion. Don't wait until February to realize you don't have the storage space or a place to toss your Christmas tree. Store items in neat, labeled bins. You'll thank yourself when the holidays roll around again.

2. Start marking important dates, events and appointments on your new 2016 calendar or planner. Always wanted to try yoga? Make time for it this year by scheduling some classes. Don't forget to also schedule time to...

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Dec 15 2015

5 Creative Gift Basket Ideas

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December 15, 2015

The number of shopping days before Christmas are quickly disappearing! If you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet it's time to make a list and get things done. Still unsure what to get those special people on your list? How about a gift basket! Keep reading to find five great themed-basket ideas that will fit anyone on your list.

1. Movie Basket - A few classic DVDs, some candy, popcorn, and a blanket.

2. Wine Basket - A bottle of red, a bottle of white, some wine stoppers, glasses and a book about wine tasting.

3. Italian Food Basket - Fresh pastas, sauces, olive oils, dipping mixes can be wrapped up in a colander.

4. Relaxing Basket...

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