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Mar 17 2015

5 Fun Facts About St. Patrick's Day

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March 17, 2015

Besides drinking green drinks and eating corn beef and cabbage what do you really know about St. Patrick's Day? Here are five fun facts you can share around the dinner table tonight!

1. The word "shamrock" comes from the Irish word "seamróg," meaning "little clover." It is the symbol of Ireland

2. We all get decked out in green on St. Patrick's Day, but the holiday was originally associated with the color blue. It's thought that everything shifted to green because of Ireland's nickname "The Emerald Isle," the green in the Irish flag and the shamrock, or clover.

3. The world's shortest St. Patrick's Day parade is held in the Irish village of...

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Mar 11 2015

Ways to Get Ready for Spring Now!

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March 11, 2015

It may not be here yet but spring is finally coming and we're all ready for warmer temperatures! If you want to get a head start on the season here are some things you can do now to prepare.

1. Clean out your closets. If you are someone who stores your spring/summer wardrobe somewhere else during the colder months, start washing and organizing them now! Make room for them by cleaning out your bedroom closets.

2. Locate your screens. If you remove your window/door screens and replace them with glass in the winter, now is the time to locate them! You'll want them installed the first warm day so you can welcome a spring breeze into your home.


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Feb 27 2015

5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

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February 27, 2015

Clutter doesn't just build up in our homes and offices - it can collect in our cars too! Whether you're swimming in piles of receipts or your toting water bottles and clothing everywhere you go, our cars can sometimes look like we live in them. Here are some tips to keep your auto looking and smelling brand new!

1. Make a rule not to eat in your car. If you're someone who likes fast food or eating your breakfast on the way to work, start quitting this habit now! If you eat in your car you're more likely to accumulate trash (think napkins, cups, straws).

2. Keep plastic bags in the console for trash. If you find yourself always piling receipts in...

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Feb 16 2015

Tips for Cleaning Your Stemware

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February 16, 2015

Does your stemware look dingy? Do you want to clean it properly but you're unsure how? Keep reading to learn how to clean those fancy wine glasses without getting spots or residue!

1. Crystal stemware should always be hand-washed. Glass stemware can be washed in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle.

2. Never let red wine sit in glasses over night. Pour out the contents and fill the glass with hot water if you're not ready to wash yet to avoid red wine stains.

3. Always hold the stemware by the base when hand-washing.

4. Use a gentle sponge and mild soap or detergent. You don't want to use anything too abrasive that could scratch.

5. Use a...

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